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Advanced Yoga Poses
Once you have progressed from beginner’s level to a higher level then, you need to change your poses and exercise some advanced poses because these poses will be more effective on you and you will not feel any trouble in implementing these advanced poses.

The Bridge Yoga Pose
This pose is a difficult pose and it is practiced when you are coming out of shoulder pose. To execute this pose perfectly, you need a very strong spine. If you are weak from your back then, you do not need to execute this pose as it can hurt your back.

The Plough Yoga Pose
This is another advanced pose which is for those people who have developed supreme kind of flexibility and strength in their muscles by practicing all the other ordinary poses of yoga. You can search internet and you will find exact pictures depicting this pose and you can execute it at your own after wards.

The Forward Bend Yoga Pose
This is another very difficult pose and in order to execute it you need to hold the toe ends of your feet for several deep breaths. This is also dangerous for people with any back problems because your back will suffer a full bend and if you have slight problem in your back then, it will invoke that problem.

The Locust Yoga Pose
This is another very tough pose but the difficulty is not in executing it but in holding it for several minutes and as usual, it also needs a very strong back. You should practice on basic poses and develop your back muscles to execute these poses effectively.

The Bow Yoga Pose
This yoga pose is just for expert yogis because it is difficult to execute and even more difficult to hold. You need tons of stamina and back strength which comes from years of practice. If someone challenges you to execute this pose then, you should think twice before accepting the challenge.

The Half Spinal Twist Yoga Pose
As it is evident from the name that it requires your spine to get twisted and to twist your spine, you need a back like rock which should never bother you in any position.